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Manifesting your dreams!

It's almost June... How are you holding up with your New Years Resolutions?

If your like most, your resolutions, which you made with the best of intentions, was slowly pushed aside as the reality of life, responsibilities and stress took over.

How does that happen?

Every New Year, millions of Americans decide, this is it... This is the year they will:

Loose the weight

Train for their first Marathon

Go back to school

Get a new job

or even write a book

So what happened, why did your goal become a distant memory? While some of you may have a really good explanation, most of us can simply say, we didn't do enough to help manifest our dreams.

Dreams are like a good body, you need to nurture it and cultivate it help it thrive.

So how can I do that you ask? An easy, fun way to help you keep you motivated with your annual resolutions is to do a Vision Board.

Grab your favorite magazines, gel pens, glitter glue and paper and get ready to have some fun.

On a piece of paper or poster board, create a collage that represents your dreams and goals.

Use inspiring words & pictures to make easier for you to visualize your dreams.

Written, drawn or pasted from magazines, each image you choose should represent your goals and the emotions that you hold with those goals.

Once complete, hang your Vision Board in a common area to keep your goals in focus and manifest the life you want.

Live in the South Bay?

Join me for a fun filled Vision Board Creation- Manifesting your Dreams Workshop.

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