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A little about me...

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One fall changed everything!

Hi, I'm Heidi,   As a 51 year old, married, Mother of two amazing (now grown) kids, it's safe to say, my body has changed and will continue to change as I continue on this journey of life.  

I had always considered myself to be a “Healthy” person.  I was active and ate well but knew nothing about nutrition as a whole.  As the years went by, I married, and we grew our family.  As a working Mom, I struggled to make time for myself, but stayed trim keeping up with two children, and practicing Tae Kwon Do. When "mid-life" hit, I had a little more time at my disposal. I became an avid runner, took up Rock Climbing and loved going on hikes with my family.  “Girls night out” often meant taking in a local Mud Run with friends instead of hitting the bars. I didn’t smoke, didn’t drink too much, and avoided Fast Food. I had my vices though, loved Diet Soda, all things Bread, and Peanut M&Ms.

As a Climber, and a Marathoner, I burned off everything I ate so the

weight stayed off.   I had the energy to do everything I wanted to do,

 I thought I had it all dialed in, outside of some aches and pains which

I contributed to age and prior injuries, I felt great.  I thought I had it

right, I was wrong, it was all an illusion and my life was about to be

turned upside down.

In 2017,  my life was turned upside down, when a bouldering accident left me with a shattered heal.


                                                 The year that followed would consist of foot reconstruction, excruciating                                                     pain, addictive pain pills, months of bedrest, missed work, physical                                                               therapy, complete reliance on my family for every detail of my life,  and                                                       feelings of frustration and isolation, unable to do the simplest of tasks.                                                         Frustrations would continue nearly a year following the accident when,                                                        after experiencing just a few weeks of brief freedom, and ability to walk     unassisted, I found myself once again, unable to walk without walker as Arthritis began attacking my destroyed joint.   Refusing to accept the thought of additional surgeries, and a life filled of pain pills and shots, I was determined to get my life back.   I immersed myself into countless hours of research looking for a different solution, and guess what…I found it!   

To my surprise, it wasn’t in a pill, wasn’t in another surgery… it was in the foods that I ate!  What I discovered, was that not only were some of the foods I was eating causing harm to my body,  the nutrients I wasn't getting was slowly causing my bones to thin making me vulnerable to a break. Now, with the added complication of an Osteopenia Diagnosis, I could no longer afford to be passive about my health! I dug in, made massive changes to my life and diet and haven’t looked back.   

It didn't happen overnight, but I  got rid of the walker, no longer take pain pills of any kind, and have kept the weight off despite losing the ability to run.  I can now walk again, hike again, have even gone back to climbing!  (That's me in the photos below hanging from a volume while my daughter belays for me)  I have my life back , and can be there for my family.  Excited about my

results I continued my journey into Nutrition studies becoming a

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Digestive Health Specialist

to further expand my knowledge of how nutrition impacts our bodies. 

Today, I continue my trainings and studies and strive to be the best coach I 

can be and be the resource that my clients need. 

Drawing from my personal experiences

and intensive trainings,  I have dedicated my life to helping others discover

the healthier, happier versions of themselves that they long to find!

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Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach- Institute of Transformational nutrition
Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach- Level 2- C.H.E.K Academy
Certified Digestive health Specialist- Institute of Transformational nutrition
C.H.E.K. Practitioner Level 2- C.H.E.K. Academy- Corrective Exercise, Movement Science, Scientific Core Conditioning, Primal Patterns, Scientific Back Training, Program Design, Holistic Health and Performance for Women 
Certified Structural Kinesiologist- Kinesiology Institute


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Level 2

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