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Holistic Health & Wellness 

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Copy of Heidi Sharman (1)_edited.png

Best-Selling Author of

"Intuitive Goddess"


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 LIVE LOVE and EAT Magazine

 The Global Conscious Wellness Summit 3.0

AWAKEN  Center for Human Evolution

Intuitive Goddess 

Are you tired and missing the energy to participate in your own life?

 Feeling bloated, overweight, suffering from chronic body ache, self-doubt or just

unhappy with the reflection in the mirror? 

Do you have dreams of living a better life but don't know how to get there?

                                                      It doesn't have to be that way!                                               


 Imagine if you...

  • Had the energy to be present in your life again!

  • Had the confidence and clarity to go after your dreams!

  • Could lose weight naturally without counting calories or weighing your food!

  • Healed your gut and got rid of your belly bloat and discomfort!

  • Found a solution to pain relief that didn't include more pain pills!

  • Could move past the limited beliefs that held you back and embrace a future of new possibilities! 

  • Found the direction & support you needed to make the changes you desired!

Change is possible!

 I understand the challenges we face when it comes to staying strong and healthy throughout our many phases of life.  Behind the scenes, busy lives, limiting beliefs, hormones, lack of movement, nutrition imbalances, past traumas and even injury can take a toll.  We know what want but can't seem to get there.


Our beliefs and perceptions, and old habits prevent us from making the changes we desire.  Our bodies hold onto pains that no longer serve us, our waistlines may expand, bones may thin, emotions run rampant, chronic stress creates pain and dis-ease. Our overall health can suffer, leading to frustrations, loss of energy, loss of confidence, potentially serious health consequences.

I'm here to help! 

Using a unique blend of traditional and energetic practices, I will help you get to the root of your challenges, and work with you to create simple, aligning strategies to allow for healing at a holistic level, balancing Mind, Body and Spirit and creating the space for harmony and lifelong change through Nutrition, Movement and Awareness practices.

With access to 1:1 Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Energy Biofeedback sessions, digital programs, nutrition and meal planning support, goal-focused fitness programs, personal training software, quality supplements and more, you too can discover the wellness within, one step at a time, in a program that meets you where you are.

      Work with me for support in:


          Remote and In-Person appointments are available.   

Call to learn more today and start to embody your dreams!


picture of Heidi Sharman

Heidi Sharman-
Functional Health Coach
Holistic lifestyle Coach

Life Coach
Corrective Exercise Coach
Digestive Health Specialist
Licensed C.H.E.K. Professional



International Best-Selling Author of 

"Intuitive Goddess" 


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as featured in....

 LIVE LOVE and EAT Magazine

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 The Global Conscious Wellness Summit 3.0

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Change Starts Here!

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Reiki Treatment

1:1 Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Wellness Coaching

Remote & In-person Plans available.

Digital and Online Programs

  • Digital Programs

  • Products Resources

  • and more...

Wellness Shop

  • Wellness Journals

  • Books 

  • and more... 

Energy Balance 

A natural,

non-invasive  way to reduce stress, aches and pains and promote natural healing. 

Not sure where to start?  Call me today for help!

Custom Meal Plans  

Included with Renew & Rejuvenate Subscriptions, or available separately.  
Click here to learn more...

  • Lose Weight, while enjoying your food

  • Find recipes the whole family will enjoy

  • Help balance blood sugar

  • Reduce bloating, heartburn and indigestion

  • Eat well, even on a busy schedule

  • Find meal planning ideas for your specific dietary needs, such as: Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Low Fod-Map, food sensitivities and allergies and more.


Looking for an intensive Program? 

 Introducing Rejuvenate Wellness!

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Anchor 1

 A 90 Day Intensive Mind and Body Transformation


  • Weekly Sessions

  • Nutrition and Fitness strategies

  • Exclusive access to SharmanFIT,  my Personal Training Software, View and track workouts, Assessments, videos,  food intake & progress.   

  • Personalized access to "That Clean Life" - create meal plans that meet your goals 

  • 2 Bonus Sessions

  • Hard Copy of my 90-Day Wellness Journal and more


Amanda H.

N. Osorio-Vadnais

"Heidi is an amazing Heath and wellness coach. She is very thorough and gets to the heart of the matter. Her recommendation have made a tremendous difference in my life."

 What Can Health Coaching Can Do For You?

"I have known Heidi personally and when she started this journey into well being I was able to transition from friends to client and Heidi maintained a professionalism and tact towards my mental well-being and helped me to understand the changes I needed to make when my OWN doctors were no help!  Thank you Heidi!!!"

Home: Welcome
Home: Welcome


  • Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach- Institute of Transformational nutrition

  •  Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach- Level 2- C.H.E.K Academy

  •  Certified Digestive health Specialist- Institute of Transformational nutrition

  • C.H.E.K. Practitioner Level 2- C.H.E.K. Academy- Corrective Exercise, Movement Science, Scientific Core Conditioning, Primal Patterns, Scientific Back Training, Program Design

  • Certified Structural Kinesiologist- Kinesiology Institute

  • Certified Functional Health Coach- C.H.E.K. Academy

image of Heidi Sharman

Heidi Sharman


-Best-Selling Author of Intuitive Goddess

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Level 2

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