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Thriving Through Perimenopause: Part 1

As if the Headaches, Hot Flashes, Night sweats, and irregular periods weren’t enough….

If you’re a gal in your late 30s or older and are struggling to manage your weight, your hormones may be a factor. A woman’s body is a complex system that produces hormones to help support her through her changes of life. When the hormone product drops, among the other lovely side effects, you may experience weight gain. While Perimenopause isn’t avoidable, there are things you can do to help support your body’s transition and keep your waistline under control.

Wants some tips to help regulate your symptoms. Keep Reading!

Tip #1

Eat more Calcium and Vitamin D- Rich Foods!

Calcium- If you are not a Milk fan or are dairy intolerant, never fear, you have options. Calcium can be found in several foods such as Kale, Turnips, and Seaweed.

Vitamin D - which plays a critical role in calcium absorption can be found in foods like cod liver oil, tuna, yogurt, eggs as well as Salmon.

Ready for more? Stay tuned next week when I’ll share more tips to help you thrive!

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