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Self-Care: Making you the priority - The Wellness Discovery Journal

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

It’s here, “The Wellness Discovery Journal” is now available at Barnes and Noble, and I am so excited to share this with you today!

Living a well life is about nourishing your Mind, Body and Spirit, through nutrition, hydration, movement, gratitude, reflection and more. Creating heathy habits that nourish those areas, is a critical piece to your overall wellness.

I’ve journaled for years and highly recommend this to all my clients but wanted something more. I wanted something that could tie in more than just words, and would allow me to track activities, as well as thoughts. Unable to find one that worked for me I decided to create one!

This 90-day journal is designed to help you incorporate healthy habits into your life, acknowledge your weaknesses, and identify your strengths as you move towards discovering the wellness that already exists inside of you!

Simple Steps to a better you… you got this!!!

Click the link below to view on Barnes and Noble.

See below for a glimpse of what your new journal will contain.

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