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One Month Closer to Well

One Month Closer to Well

Finding it hard to balance work, obligations, family life, and self-time? You're not alone! The tools that have offered so many "conveniences" have also led to a lifestyle of living on-demand 24/7. Learning how to turn it off and prioritize yourself, may take some practice.

Living a well life is about nourishing your Mind, Body, and Spirit, through nutrition, hydration, movement, gratitude, reflection, and more.


This whimsical, dog-themed journal, presented as a 30-Day reflection option, is a cute alternative to my other journals, with all the same cuteness, and designed to help get you started, by incorporating a little self-time, personal reflection, and cuteness into your life as well as help you incorporate healthy habits into your life, acknowledge your weaknesses, and identify your strengths as you move towards discovering the wellness that already exists inside of you!



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  • Return Policy

    Refunds will be honored for undamaged, unmarked books. 

    In order to be considered for a return/refund, please contact me within 72 hours of receipt.    Books returned with damage or marking will not qualify for a refund.   Return shipping to be paid by customer. 

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