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Intuitive Goddess

Intuitive Goddess

I am so grateful to have been a part of this beautiful collaboration.   Our book, Intuitive Goddess became an International BestSeller overnight and I am delighted to share it with you today.


In this book,  15 Spiritual Women Share Their Stories of Healing, Growth & Transformation


The Intuitive Goddess within you has been called to rise... 

You are brave, powerful and destined for an extraordinary life. The voice that’s been whispering to you that your magic needs to be unleashed keeps getting stronger and now is the time for you to stride into your birthright. Everything you’ve ever wanted is right there waiting for you to become the woman you need to be to claim it.  


The 15 inspirational women in this book share their stories of how they listened to their call into greatness and wrote their own realities; manifesting their love, health and success, and harnessing their feminine power to build lives far beyond their dreams.


These women have overcome loss and illness. They’ve rebuilt themselves after heartbreak and rejection. They have learned to put a leash on their fears and doubts, and step forward into spiritual alignment.


In coming to know these women, you will learn how to know yourself. Your upbringing and social class don’t define you; your actions and intent do. Your desires aren’t just possible; they’re inevitable when you accept your calling. 


The women in this book will show you that you too can manifest your innate nature, and become an Intuitive Goddess. 


  click here to order directly from the bookstore


 or  if you want a signed copy, please place your order here.  I'll even include a personalized message for you or a loved one if desired.  


To request a signed copy, place your order here,  then keep an eye out in your inbox for a confirmation email and follow the prompts to provide your mailing address and personalizing requests.


Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or if you would like to place  a large order. 




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